The metal processing industry (including automotive), and mechanical parts, uses degreasing bath to treat its products.

The degreasing is carried out in an aqueous solution containing a degreasing agent that makes the fat emulsion in water.

SIVA’s solutions are: treat and regenerate continuously degreasing baths.

Type of installation Recycling unit degreasing baths
Filtration area 2,45 sqm
Filtrate flow 300 l / h

The applications :

1 – Recycling of degreasing,
2 – Treatment of cutting oils.

SIVA's solutions :

• Cross-flow filtration systems specific to this type of filtration.

Recommended membrane technology(ies) :

1 – Ceramic Membranes —> UF
2 – Ceramic Membranes —> UF

* Each goal is a well-defined technology.

NB: The list of previous applications is not exhaustive. Contact our team, we will propose some technologies to meet your needs.

Results :

1 – Recycling of degreasing bath,

– Increase the quality of degreasing bath (mastering of oil concentration level inside the bath),

– The removing of the emulsive oil in the bath improves the degreasing quality,

– Bath life extended,

– Less production costs,

-The concentrate is easily upgraded in the cement kilns.

2 – Treatment of cutting oil:

– Concentration of oils,

– Reducing of rejects volume,

– Possibility to reuse the water.

Project initiatives

Design & manufacturing of industrial membrane filtration systems