Design and fabrication of customized turnkey membrane filtration systems

SIVA supports you in your membrane filtration projects for the separation of particles / molecules in liquids.

Its process engineers and the design team have placed their expertise at your service, for over 20 years, for the success of your membrane separation projects by designing and fabricating pilot and industrial filtration units.

A renowned player in the membrane filtration market, SIVA collaborates with leading membrane suppliers such as TAMI Industries to bring the best solution to your filtration projects.

Expertise and know-how in membrane processes

For over 20 years, SIVA has delivered membrane filtration projects in the Food & Beverage, Biopharma and Industrial & Environment Industries. SIVA’s expertise covers the following membrane filtration ranges:

  • Microfiltration : membranes with pore sizes between 1.4 and 0.1 µm, used in the separation of microparticles and/or microorganisms in liquids
  • Ultrafiltration : membranes with pore sizes between 100 and 1nm for the separation of macromolecules and/or viruses in liquids
  • Nanofiltration : membranes with pore sizes between 2 and 0.5nm for the separation of molecules and/or ions in liquids
  • Reverse osmosis : dense membranes for the separation of ions in water

To complement its offerings, SIVA has acquired expertise in the treatment of effluents by physical-chemical processes such as advanced oxidation and electrolysis.

SIVA proposes innovative solutions for the fractionation, purification, concentration, clarification and extraction of materials present in a liquid.

The team

SIVA’s experienced, qualified and multidisciplinary team of professionals allows it to intervene in any steps of your membrane filtration project. The team is composed of specialists in:

  • Electrical and automation : Our electrical and automation department designs and builds the operation of equipment customized to the needs of the client
  • Mechanical and piping design : Our mechanical and piping design department designs the equipment according to applicable standards and requests from the client
  • Fabrication : Our fabrication department constructs the systems according to quality standards compatible with the application and the requirements of the client

·         Since its creation in 2000, SIVA offers its skills and innovations in membrane filtration in the Food & Beverage, Biopharma, Industrial & Environment and nuclear industries. SIVA delivers the studies, design and fabrication of turnkey systems.

With long years of experience, SIVA has become a renowned player in the membrane filtration market. Initially focused in the domestic market, SIVA has expanded to the European market by delivering multiple projects.

Today, SIVA decides to expand its range of processes offered to respond to new expectations raised by its clients.

As an equipment supplier, SIVA is committed to supplying systems that comply with your qualitative and quantitative requirements.

SIVA’s team possesses profound knowledge of membrane separation technologies, therefore is the ideal partner to bring you solutions suited to your needs.  

SIVA’s team is composed of specialists in: Process Engineering – Electrical / Automation – Mechanical / piping

It will be able to respond to your requests by proposing technical solutions customized to your needs. Since its creation in 2000, SIVA is a specialist in membrane separation technologies.

SIVA has obtained extensive experience in multiple application fields: Food & Beverage, Biopharma, Industrial & Environment.

Our expertise is built over numerous projects delivered in the Food & Beverage (dairy, wine, fruit juice, …), Biopharma (cosmetics, pharmaceutical, bio-ingredients, amino acids, …), Industrial & Environment (metallurgy, purification, pollution treatment, effluent treatment, …) and Nuclear industries.

If you want to start a new project or optimize your processes, contact us. For all job applications, please contact: SIVA recruitment

For domestic and export business development, SIVA is open to develop partners in the following industries: Food & Beverage – Industrial & Environment – Biopharma

Project initiatives

Design & manufacturing of industrial membrane filtration systems