Design and fabrication of industrial membrane filtration systems

Our process team conducts the analysis of the project and the design team develops the project. The mechanical and piping works team fabricates the tangential filtration system according to this project.

Membrane filtration system : preliminary design

Our process team assesses, based on your request, the theoretical feasibility of your project. Our membrane filtration process expertise in Food & Beverage, Biopharma and Industrial & Environment industries allows us to analyze your project and assimilate your industrial environment to propose customized steps to initiate your project.

Membrane filtration system : pilot tests

Once the analysis is completed, our process team conducts tests in laboratory and at your site under industrial working conditions to validate the membrane filtration solution customized to your needs and to collect the data needed for the scale-up to the industrial system.

Membrane filtration system : Project & Engineering

Once the analysis and the tests are completed, our process engineers transfer the information to the design team, which is composed of specialists in electricity, automation, mechanics and piping (CAD) for all steps of the designing process: sizing, process diagram (P&ID), general and detailed studies (mechanical, electrical, automation), etc. With the P&ID and the parts detailed in CAD, we start the fabrication of the industrial filtration unit taking into account the mechanical and the automation features.

Membrane filtration system : Fabrication of the unit, commissioning, start-up and after-sales service

Based on the P&ID and the CAD files, our workshop fabricates, assembles and tests the quality of the membrane filtration system.

Our services continue with the installation, start-up and onsite training of operators for both operation and maintenance of the membrane filtration system to provide complete autonomy. In case of malfunction, our after-sales service team intervenes to analyze, diagnose and take the necessary actions to maintain the proper functioning of the membrane filtration system.

Project initiatives

Design & manufacturing of industrial membrane filtration systems