Assistance / audit / membrane filtration system expertise

Our engineers, specialized in membrane filtration processes, are at your service for the assessment of your membrane filtration systems, commissioning, start-up assistance and training. Our engineers can also assist you to verify the reliability and to optimize the existing filtration systems at your production site, both systems supplied by SIVA or not. Contact our specialists for new requirements and projects regarding your membrane filtration systems.

Our method for filtration processes diagnosis

We offer five different services to improve the performance and the reliability of your membrane filtration systems.

1- Expertise in processes and membrane filtration systems

We can analyze the membrane filtration system at your site to identify opportunities to optimize, increase the reliability and to fix performance and operating issues. Our specialists analyze with you the upstream process and the membrane filtration system to establish the complete process flow. This analysis allows the identification of causes that could potentially harm the performance or the reliability of your membrane filtration system.

2- Assessment of membrane filtration systems

Directly at your production site, we can assess the mechanical, electrical and automation situation of your membrane filtration system. This will allow us to provide you recommendations for the maintenance and reliability of your membrane filtration system.

3- Worksite supervision

We can manage and coordinate the execution of the corrective actions, for example those identified during the assessment of your membrane filtration system.

4- Commissioning and start-up

We can assist you to achieve the efficient and fast start-up of your membrane filtration system.

5- Training

We can train your operators after the installation and/or maintenance of your membrane filtration system. This will improve the skills and optimize the technical interventions of your operators.

6- Optimization of membrane filtration systems

Our specialists are at your service to evaluate your needs to increase the capacity or to optimize your membrane filtration systems.

SIVA, specialist in different membrane filtration processes

SIVA is specialized in membrane filtration processes to separate, purify, concentrate, clarify or extract materials contained in liquids. Our added value is based on our skills to analyze your needs and to propose complete membrane filtration and separation processes.

The customization of the membrane filtration process according to your needs will depend on the type of particles to separate and the medium in which they are. And this is how SIVA adds value, by identifying the best membrane filtration process for your project.

SIVA also offers purification processes based on non-physical separation technologies:

Project initiatives

Design & manufacturing of industrial membrane filtration systems