Many industries generate polluting effluents that can be treated by membrane processes associated or not with other processes. SIVA units enable the selection of pollutants and produce water that may be released into sewage treatment plant or in the natural environment.

Type of installation Effluent treatment unit of cardboard
Filtration area 22 sqm
Filtrate flow 2,2 cm / h

The applications :

1 – Wastewater Treatment groups wash flexo / gravure,

2 – Treatment of effluents discharge in station or in the natural environment,

3 – Treatment and recycling of white water in dairies,

4- Coupling of biological reactors and membranes (MBR),

5- Treatment of leachate,

6- Processing and recycling of rinse water workshop in the electronics industry.

SIVA's solutions :

• Systems using various processes to specific customer needs.

Recommended membrane technology(ies) :

1 – Organic and Ceramic Membranes —> UF + POA / Electrolysis
2 – or organic membranes Ceramics —> UF + POA / Electrolysis
3 – or organic membranes Ceramics —> NF / RO
4 – Ceramic Membranes —> UF
5 – Membranes and Organic Ceramics —> UF + RO
6 – Organic and Ceramic Membranes —> UF

 * Each goal is a well-defined technology.

NB: The list of previous applications is not exhaustive. Contact our team, we will propose some technologies to meet your needs.

Results :

  • Saving on the cost of disposing of the effluent, because the final concentrate represents only a fraction of the initial volume,
  • Lower taxes paid to the sewage treatment plant that treats municipal wastewater,
  • Reduce water spending because the filtrate can be recycled in wash water ,
  • Ensure compliance of the discharge of effluent below the standards imposed by the law,
  • No chemical reagent use (excluding washing procedure),
  • Very long service life of membranes,
  • Very compact installation with low maintenance.
  • Autonomous system,
  • Adaptation to changes in quality and quantity of effluent to be treated.

Project initiatives

Design & manufacturing of industrial membrane filtration systems