Sugar and derivatives

Sugar and derivatives

Glucose syrups are used in the manufacture of boiled sweets, jelly confectionery and for confisage operations (candied fruits) as well as beer and non-alcoholic drinks.

Microfiltration or ultrafiltration can perform this clarification of glucose syrup and can replace treatments conventionally employed (eg precoat filters and feeding of diatomaceous earth or perlite).

Type of installation An ultrafiltration unit of glucose syrup
Filtration area 4 X 36,65 sqm
Filtrat flow 9,6 m3 / h

The applications :

1 – Clarification of glucose syrups,
2 – Clarification of sugar cane juice.

SIVA's solutions :

• standardized units of micro and ultrafiltration using cross-flow filtration.

Recommended membrane technology(ies) :

1 – Ceramic membranes ——> UF
2 – Ceramic membranes ——> MFT

* Each goal is a well-defined technology.
NB: The list of previous applications is not exhaustive. Contact our team, we will propose some technologies to meet your needs.

Results :

• Easy implementation,
• Gain product quality,
• Regular performance,
• 40 to 95 DE (dextrose equivalent, measures the degree of hydrolysis),
• Full protection of the product,
• Low bacteria level,
• Valorization of the retentate for animal feed,
• Reduced production costs (less labor required, less congestion, reducing consumables …).

Project initiatives

Design & manufacturing of industrial membrane filtration systems