T.I.S Units

The T.I.S. (Tangential Integrated System), is an original concept, innovative and patented. This is a fully integrated module, containing within it, housing stainless steel, filtration membranes, recirculation loop, circulation pump, and base supply / return retentate / permeate.

This concept combined with hollow fiber ceramic membranes has so many advantages over conventional filtration equipment for the same developed area: 

Reduction of dead volumes of equipment 
Reducing capital costs and operating
Flexibility and modularity 
Low installed power  
 Low velocity for greater respect for processed products.

The combination of ceramic hollow fiber membranes, and the concept TIS, can now enjoy the benefits previously reserved for organic membranes (small footprint, low energy), taking advantage of those related to the nature of ceramic membranes (mechanical strength, chemical inertness and thermal durability, reliability industrial,…). The Concept TIS also offers the following advantages:

Traditional Loop T.I.S System
Pump circulaltion: if something goes wrong on the pump, the system is offPump by T. IS: if something goes wrong,  the installation is not off.
Isolation and maintenance of the modules not in productionEach module can be individually isolated
BulkyVery small footprint
High installed powerLow energy consumption
Capacity expansion can notLow consumption of water and cleaning agents, given the low dead volume
Large dead volume associated with the circulation loopExpandable capacity
High consumption of water and cleaning agentsVery low dead volume : production of concentrate reduced yield important
Comparison between a conventional loop MFT and TIS

Depending on the application, several ranges of turnkey systems are designed around the concept of SIT, especially for: 

– Clarification of wine: the VINI-TIS
The clarification of apple juice and cider: the APPLE-TIS
The water treatment: the AQUA-TIS

Project initiatives

Design & manufacturing of industrial membrane filtration systems