Vegetable proteins and derivatives

Vegetable proteins and derivatives

The applications :

1 – Extraction of protein in oilseed,
2 – Extraction and Concentration of cereal proteins,
3 – Concentration of proteins of lucerne and peas.

SIVA's solutions :

• SIVA manufactures standardized systems for all these applications by incorporating ceramic membranes and / or organic that have proven themselves over many years.

Recommended membrane technology(ies) :

1 – Organic Membranes —> UF
2 – Ceramic Membranes and Organic —> MF and NF
3 – Ceramic Membranes —> MF and UF

* Each goal is a well-defined technology.

NB: The list of previous applications is not exhaustive. Contact our team, we will propose some technologies to meet your needs.

Results :

  • Increased productivity,
  •  Better promotion of products, enriched with vegetable proteins and can be for consumption,
  • Better use of concentrates of filtration used as intermediate food products (eg isolates, hydrolysates),
  • Removing of land filtration and consumables,
  • Savings in labor (systems can be automated),
  • Reduced operating costs.

Project initiatives

Design & manufacturing of industrial membrane filtration systems